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SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, May 24) – After waiting three years for employment in Kuwait, 500 Fijians have been promised contracts by a recruiting agency seeking to salvage its reputation.

Suva-based Meridian Services Agency spokesman Jeremaia Talemaitoga said they have finally spotted contracts for some of the thousands of applications they received since the company opened its doors in early 2004.

“Most of the people we will be sending are drivers. There are also plumbers, carpenters, security guards, administration workers,” said Talemaitoga.

The company is also looking to recruit teachers and nurses, unlike the last intake that comprised mainly of manual and clerical workers.

The company copped much flak then for failing to deliver on its promise despite charging a fee from each of its “close to 18 000 applicants”.

Many of the job seekers had made sacrifices in pursuit of greener pastures for their children, families and villages.

Also, the mysterious disappearance of chief Meridian recruiter Timoci Lolohea in the Middle East even drew the attention of local police and the Government then.

However, this time, Talemaitoga says “we are not taking or accepting any money because we will be working on the $150 that was paid in advance three years ago by people waiting to be employed in Kuwait.”

“At the moment we are working on our old data of people who have applied from 2004-2005. We will be utilizing these people first.

“More will be leaving in months to come and I urge those who have applied to be patient.”

He said the first 500 people would be leaving soon after their contracts, visa and plane tickets are secured.

“Those who have come back from Kuwait and need to re-apply will have to pay $200,” he said.

“We are not taking money from people anymore and I can assure our critics that the purpose of this is to help our people.”

He adds that he and the company executives have forgiven those who have constantly criticized the organization.

Talemaitoga said out of close to 18 000 people who had initially applied for jobs in Kuwait, the company has already sent 475.

He said company head, Lolohea, is still in Kuwait, “making arrangements” for the job seekers.

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