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‘The Figure of the Soldier’

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The Journal of War and Culture Studies is planning a themed issue entitled ‘The Figure of the Soldier’. Studies of war and culture often concentrate less on the soldier as an individual or on his experience of war, and more on the societal impact and repercussions of conflict. By way of contrast, this issue focuses exclusively on the soldier as the key representational figure of war. The figure of the soldier often lies concealed under the layers of mythology which have come to stereotype representations of warfare; his testimony is often silenced by the official discourses which sing his praise and laud his heroism.

This issue seeks to examine this mythologisation of the soldier figure in a variety of cultural forms but also welcomes studies of those representations of the soldier figure that, conversely, demystify the soldier figure and, indeed, the combatant experience itself. The editors therefore welcome articles that, through their study of the soldier as the central figure of cultural representations and memory of war, emphasise the ambiguities and ambivalences of the experience of war, foregrounding the ideological and ontological conflicts that are often reflected in the figure of the soldier.

Articles should be written in English and of 5 – 6000 words in length. They should be sent to Helena Scott ( at the University of Westminster by the 1st February 2009. Articles should be submitted in accordance with Intellect’s guidelines to be found at

Helena Scott
University of Westminster