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Nuclear Fallout – Fiji – On YouTube

In Uncategorized on February 4, 2009 at 10:23 am
Still from SBS / Dateline article

Still from SBS / Dateline article

Hundreds of Fijian servicemen may have been deliberately exposed to radiation by the British government to test the potency of their nuclear weapons. Paul Ah Poy was just 19 when he was sent to Christmas Island in the Pacific and ordered to help monitor nuclear tests. He bitterly regrets his service to the British crown. After the tests, he began to suffer chronic health problems. His hair and fingernails fell out, 59 tumours were removed from his body and his only child failed to develop properly and died suddenly when she was three. Other servicemen from the Island have also been plagued by potentially fatal health problems. They are angry that they were not warned of the dangers. “They used us,” complains fellow veteran Pita Rokorata. The British government has always denied this, but secret documents reveal the truth.

Watch on YouTube

Produced by SBS / Dateline
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures


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