torika bolatagici

Torika’s work at Left Forum 2009

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Torika’s works ‘Expendable Flesh’, ‘Another Sun’, ‘My Air (Outside/In)’ and ‘My Ocean (Inside/Out)’
will be exhibited at the upcoming Left Forum conference being held at Pace University, New York. April 17-19, 2009.

The line-up of artists/activists/theorists is mind blowing. Check out more at:

Photojournalism and the Aesthetics of Suffering: Embedded Versus Unembedded and Sympathy versus Empathy
Joel Simpson (Chair) – Curator, Photographer and Critic
Anthony Suau – ex-Time photogrpaher
Antonin Kratochvil – First place, 2002 World Press photo award Kael Alford – Unembedded photojournalist in Iraq
Kate Orne – Brothels and Fundamentalism in Pakistan

Radical Left/International Film Makers
Big Noise Collective Members
Michael Fox
Sílvia Leindecker
Clifton Ross

Photography: Revealing the Socially Invisible
Diane Neumeier (Chair) – Photography, Rutgers; Editor New American Feminist Photographies
Donna Ferrato – Love & Lust; Living with the Enemy
Mariette Pathy-Allen – The Gender Frontier
Hank Willis Thomas – The B(r)anded Series (one of my faves!!!)
Other artists included in the exhibition include Cynthia Hauk, Emily Antenucci, Samantha Box, Margaret McCarthy, Ashley Marinaccio, Vikrum Dave Aiyer,  Torika Bolatagici, Dan McCormack, Bahar Behbahani, Carole Ashley,  Steve Matthews,  Anna-Maria Vag,  Grace Graupe Pillard,  Paula Gillen,  Adrian Smith,  Eliza Stein, Kameela Rasheed,  Madeleine Hatz,  Erik Benjamins,  Martha Rosler,  David Lambert,  Ron Rocco, George Haddad, Susan L. Yung,  Cyndi Lenz, Rebecca Hackenmann, Robert Toedter.

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