torika bolatagici

Torika’s work in “Spirit of the People – New Melanesian Art” – Auckland, NZ

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Curated by Giles Peterson
in association with okaioceanikart

Corban Estate Arts Centre
14th August – 27th September
Opening; Thursday 13th August 2009

The exhibition SPIRIT OF THE PEOPLE features work by some of the best Melanesian heritage artists practicing today, expressing the many complexities of what it means to be a Melanesian Pacific Islander.

This exhibition is historically significant as it is the first exhibition of Contemporary Melanesian art with a regional wide focus to show in Auckland, New Zealand. In this show okaioceanikart is building on the success of their exhibition of Papua New Guinean and Solomon Island art “Taim Bilong Melanesia 2008” which was presented in both Auckland and Wellington last year. “Spirit of the People” features contemporary art from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, as well as work by artists from the Melanesian diasporic Pacific communities in Australia and New Zealand. The appeal will be to all those interested in Pacific art and culture.

The work expresses the many complexities of what it means to be a Melanesian Pacific Islander today, the Island and the Urban, the Local and the Globalised, – identity and identification, cultural and religious intolerance/freedom, spirituality, the land, language, gender, sexuality, politics and survival.

“Each artist seeks to make links with day to day life in the context of the changing world view of Melanesia and its indigenous peoples. All the artists chosen create challenging and moving work that speaks to all age groups “, says Curator Giles Peterson.

Fiji: Torika Bolatagici, Ben Fong, Abraham Lagi and Filani Filina Macassey
Papua New Guinea: Dr Michael Mel, Daniel Waswas, Aaron Choulai, Chris Kauage, Elisabet Kauage, Joe Nalo, Bertha Peni and Larry Santana, Alexander Mebri
New Caledonia: Paula Gony Boi, Yvette Bouquet
Solomon Islands: Ellie Fa’amauri, Jon Jay,
Vanuatu: David Ambong

In association with the Going West Books and Writers Festival 2009.

Read more on the Spasifik Magazine website…


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