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Spirit of Enterprise – Opens at BUS Projects – 01.09.09

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Opens 6pm, Tuesday 1 September 2009

Opens 6pm, Tuesday 1 September 2009

New work by Torika Bolatagici…

Remittances from Fijian workers overseas are the nation’s largest income – exceeding that of tourism and sugar. Fijian bodies have become a valuable export commodity in the increasingly privatised economy of war. Coco Fusco writes that from the 18th Century, texts have “reduced people of colour to the corporeal, whiteness was understood as a spirit that manifests itself in a dynamic relation to the physical world. Whiteness, then, does not need to be made visible to present an image; it can be expressed as the spirit of enterprise, as the power to organise the material world, and as an expansive relation to the environment.” This work asks where black and white bodies fit within this new economy of war…who is visible and who is invisible? Whose bodies are commodities and who embodies the spirit of enterprise?

Fusco, C. ‘Racial Time, Racial Marks, Racial Metaphors’ in Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self. New York: International Center of Photography in Association with Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers, 2003. p.37

Bus Projects, 117 Lt Lonsdale Street Melbourne

Bus Projects, 117 Lt Lonsdale Street Melbourne

Giles and Filani discuss “Spirit of the People” on ABC Radio: In the Loop

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Spirit Of Melanesia Exhibition OpensAudio

14 August 2009

Spirit of the People is an exhibition showcasing works by artists from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, as well as Pacific expats based in Australia and New Zealand. Curator Giles Peterson and Fijian fibre artist Filani Filina Macassey join us to discuss identity and what it means to be a Melanesian Pacific islander in today’s changing world.

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$801,000 to Support New Arts Projects Across Victoria

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Victoria’s thriving arts sector has received a $801,000 Brumby Labor Government boost with grants announced today to support the creation, presentation and programming of new works across the state.

Arts Minister Lynne Kosky said 53 arts projects had received funding in the latest round of grants through the Arts Development program.

“The Brumby Government is taking action to develop and strengthen Victoria’s reputation as Australia’s cultural capital,” Ms Kosky said.

“The Arts Development program supports and further develops our artists and our artistic reputation by supporting innovative, engaging and inspirational new arts projects across the state.”

Ms Kosky said the latest grants supported diverse arts activity from a broad cross-section of Victorian artists and organisations.

“Projects supported in this round reflect the creative strength and diversity of the arts sector across Victoria, from emerging and established artists working across all artforms including dance, literature, theatre and sculpture, music and multi-artform collaborations.”

Supported projects include:

Bus Gallery Inc (Melbourne): $10,000
Presentation of a six month curated exhibition program of spatial arts including sound art, performance, installation and video involving Jelena Telecki, Marc Alperstein, Simon O’Carrigan, Symon McVilley, Anthony Sawrey, Rebecca Adams, Kit Wise, Torika Bolatagici, Hamish Carr, Sharon Billings, Kez Hughes and Jonathan Heilbron, at Bus Gallery, July- December 2009.

Frankston City Council (Frankston): $16,000
Presentation of a 6 month contemporary cross-media arts project in the Frankston CBD, involving artists Beth Arnold, Lou Hubbard, Alex Selenitsh, Alex Gibson and Torika Bolatagici, July-December 2009.

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