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FIJI TIMES // New work by 5 Fiji Women Artists @ The Salon, Auckland City

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FIJI DAY is upon us! And to mark Fiji Day, we had to do an exhibition!!!

Inspired to make experimental commentary on the current political situation in Fiji, five artists have developed new works that tackle political [mis]leadership, faith and religion, censorship and militarism, propaganda, love, land and diaspora. This exciting short exhibition is a continuation of the VASU: Pacific Women of Power exhibition staged in Suva in 2008. VASU was Fiji’s first platform for the promotion, celebration and discussion of art made by Fiji women.

FIJI TIMES // New work by 5 Fiji Women Artists // Curated by Ema Tavola
Fiji’s own STEVIE J!!
OPENING: 6pm, Friday 9 October
EXHIBITION DATES: 12 – 6pm, 10-14 October
VENUE: The Salon / House of Taonga, Level 1, St Kevins Arcade, Karangahape Road, Central Auckland

Exhibition website: // Daily updates will include interviews with artists, responses and photos photos photos!!

For media enquiries, please contact Naomi Singer, phone 027 5555352 or email

>>> Download the Fiji Times Exhibition Media Release <<<

FIJI TIMES is a non-profit exhibition project in a private Auckland studio space featuring experimental artwork reflecting on Fiji’s current political situation or the times of Fiji. The visual reference to Fiji Times Ltd’s historic masthead is an acknowledgment of the newspaper’s role in communicating and reflecting Fiji society and politics. The use of the words ‘Fiji Times’ references the ability for visual arts to communicate and reflect society in a similar way to the media. The title aimed to encourage artists to reflect on their role as cultural interpreters and use their work as a platform for commentary, using visual language. The font we have employed on the e-flier was selected to be similar to the historic Fiji Times masthead but not identical. The FIJI TIMES exhibition has no relationship with Fiji Times Ltd.

Protect Me - © Torika Bolatagici 2009

Protect Me - © Torika Bolatagici 2009

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