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Big Ideas for a Big Island – Media Release

In Contemporary Pacific Art, Pacific Islander Art in Australia, Pacific Research and News on November 26, 2009 at 4:12 am
Big Island Workshop Participants

L-R, Torika Bolatagici, Joycelin Leahy, Jenny Fraser, Keren Ruki, Pam Zeplin

Critical workshop in Wollongong tests the waters on future directions for Pacific arts – By Maurice O’Riordan, Art Monthly Australia

A workshop intensive to share research and pool ideas related to the discussion and promotion of contemporary Pacific arts in Australia was this week hosted by the Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies at Wollongong University.

Australia, the Big Island in relation to the Pacific, generally looks to New Zealand when seeking to represent contemporary Pacific arts practice. Artists from smaller Pacific islands may be granted the occasional look-in, the workshop suggested, while Australian-based Pacific content is largely appreciated as ‘decoration’, with an emphasis on community- and tradition-based performance.

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  1. Im Polynesian Weaver/ artist living and working in Sydney creating feathered, textile, beaded amd mixed media works, usually for boutique shops , middle of the road galleries and community events
    This Im finding too limiting and tedious to further development
    In the past my work has been reffered to by one gallery owner as not authentic polynesian art because its made in Sydney
    HA ha I thought up you OLD COLONIALISM
    Sionemaletau FALEMAKA

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