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In Art Exhibitions, Contemporary Pacific Art, Pacific Islander Art in Australia on July 14, 2010 at 3:55 am
Chantal Fraser at Kings ARI until 31 July 2010

Chantal Fraser at Kings ARI until 31 July 2010

Chantal Fraser’s exciting new work “Annal Beads” is currently showing at Kings A.R.I in Melbourne:

“Conjoining the annals of travel and tourism, this series shapes the parochial views of the tourist as subject. A series of performative frames, presented as photographic stills, showcase a collection of neckpieces (Ula) from the artist’s Samoan family – gifts of significance, ceremony and value – alongside a collection of metallic beads thrown from the balconies of Bourbon St, New Orleans during Mardi Gras– an herogenous ritual that rewards the female tourist more beads on the exposing of breasts. The work explores the creation of cross-cutlural connotations and representations through silhouette and the embodiment of adornment, and more significantly cultural adornment. Reinterpreting the significance of adornment the work presents and plays with the disparate meanings of what it means to receive such objects from these heavily tourist promoted regions through flamboyancy, titillation and parody.” (read more…)

Level 1, 171 King Street
Until 31 July 2010


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